HS: Non Pro Two Rein • All scores unofficial

Set 1
1A Shooting SparkCinnabars Lil LenaGees A Shining StarRobert Or Betty Lou ValdezBetty Lou Valdez (G)428
2Missy LightsCD LightsShiners Missy JayWendy KuhnWendy Kuhn (M)399.5
3Seven S Indian MaidHickorys Indian PepSeven S FiestaTerry S. ForstTerry S. Forst (M)426
4Electra TuffWoody Be TuffElectras BootsPaul & Amy BaileyAmy D. Bailey (G)430
5Another Heart RemedyHeart Of A FoxPSB Smart Remedy 499Jim P. ClearyJim P. Cleary (G)377
6Hair Comes My LenaWild Haired CatMy Maranda LenaJohn D. KennedyJohn D. Kennedy (M)386.5
7BoxO Valentines CatPalo Duro CatTracis Blue RoanBox O Quarter HorsesJecca R. Ostrander (M)400
8Uno Can Dew ItUno What Time It IsDew It FloRichard A. RosellRichard A. Rosell (G)417.5
9Shes Dualin SmartMister Dual PepElans Smart BelleDon M Or Judy F MastonDon M. Maston (M)390.5
10Amarillo LightsLight N LenaShania TaishanMichael HeathMichael Heath (G)404
11Very Smart IdeaVery Smart RemedyPaloma RooChris & Melissa GarbrickMelissa Garbrick (S)396.5
12SDP Blu ReyTR Dual ReySues Lil DustyBart & Terri HolowathTerri J. Holowath (S)404
Scores Key: BubbleOfficialUnofficial
32metalliccat 30holycow B_BVSS B_SDPBuffalo 34mitch 35timeforthediamond B_StevieReyVon B_HickoryHollyTime B_Rebel 39hsr 38westerbloodstock SmoothTalkinStyle kit_kat_sugar 37foursixes 01gist 02cinch 03discounttire 04nutro 05dthorses 06bobs 07platinum 09cowhorsegear 14rios 11greenies 12sanjanranch 13bloomer 19pedigree 19pedigree 17nutrena 21apha 20aqha 22markel 23classicequine 26qhn 16dmtack 25donrich 28martin 24shortys 48cowtrack 50crranchwear E_WillRogers E_EventCenter 46osphos SmoothTalkinStyle Kiser cats_picasso 44backontrack 49farnam 54kalpower 55nrha 47centerranch Jeff Smith E_CellRecovery E_VitaFlex